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                           Name: Rolf Mahr
Occupation            riding instructor with international coaching license and horse physiotherapist

1995                       Federal Riding and Driving School Vechta. Completion
                                                          for (professional trainers - Riding)

                2000 and 2001       Horse of the German physiotherapist TREC  National guidance from
                                                          the rider World Championships (Austria)

2002 and 2003       Horse physiotherapist Deutsche T.R.E.C. National guidance riders at the
                                                          World Championships in El Rocio (Spain) 2002

   2003                       Completion of the (B dressage trainer) School of
                                                          Riding and driving training (FN) Ansbach

2005                       horse physiotherapist and sponsor at the International
                                                          Festhalle Horse Show in Frankfurt

2008                       horse physiotherapist and care of some Horse & Rider in advance
                                                          the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijin (China) and Hong Kong

2010                       Opening of the Thermography Center - Tom

2011                       Examination for Medizinproduktheberater to MPG (Medical Devices Act)
                                                          (Pulsating magnetic resonance therapy)
                                                          Authorised Distributor and Technical Officer of the company Medithera AG

2011                      horse physiotherapist and sponsor of the  Federal Horse Festival
                                                          Bad Hersfeld (Germany)

2012                      re-certification audit with the Medizinproduktheberater to MPG
                                                           (Medical Devices Act) (Pulsating magnetic resonance therapy)

        2012                      thermographic analysis in athletes before and under the Olympics (London) 2012
                                                           Appearances about massage in sport and leisure horses in 2000 at SAT 1 and the
                                                           State Show ARD Rheinland Pfalz. Videos can be purchased upon request for a
                                                           nominal fee of 1-euro and postage costs.
  Editorials on the subject:
                            Extterieur assessment in issue No   5 in equitation magazine                      Cavallo 2007
                            Extterieur assessment in issue No.11 in equitation magazine                      Cavallo 2007
                            Extterieur assessment in issue No.12 in equitation magazine                      Cavallo 2007
                            Thermographic diagnosis in Issue 3 in the equestrian magazine              Our horse 2010
                            Thermography interview in issue 4 in the equestrian magazine Horse Rhein Main 2010

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