FN-training competition "Education - 2005 at our best"
The Riding School of Rolf Mahr
                 , Training for rider and horse was "honored in 2006 with a nationwide
                         8th place for the best training  concept

Winners honored at the Best of the Best                         
                         Warendorf (fn-press). The winners of the
               Competition "Education 2005 - at
                         our most beautiful ", awarded by the
                         German Equestrian Federation (FN),
                         stand firm. The winner is the
                         Good External Brock from Nieheim (Westphalia).
                    In second place came the Equestrian Park
                         Eller from Düsseldorf. Both were
                         within the Tournament "Best of the Best"
                         on Sunday at 17.15 clock on the
                         Excellent jumping ground in Warendorf.
                         In addition, both receive and eight
              other associations and enterprises per one
                         Kit by FN Publisher that
                         practical training and theoretical
                         Teaching support. One of the eight
                         other companies had the training company
                         , Equestrian center - Rolf Mahr. "
                         Training for rider and horse, which the
                         8 Space occupied. Riding Instructor and
                         Operations ' Manager Mr. Mahr is hopeful in
                         the next Year to again be among the runners.

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2011 Examination for Medizinproduktheberater
                         MDD (Medical Device Directive) for Pulsating magnetic resonance therapy Frirma Medithera AG

                        After much deliberation and consideration on the effects of pulsed magnetic fields and their benefits
                        for horse and man, I have decided to complete the test for Medizinproduktheberater. Also I work as
                        an economist for the Medithera AG. Detailed questions on this subject, they should be directed to me
                         by phone or e - mail:

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