Conditions of training for riders and horses

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                     For the field horse physiotherapy and thermography have the conditions of the
                     actual website:
www.thermografie-vet-Rhine validity!
   training for rider and horse - Rolf Mahr

                    The written application provides the student or students riding the conclusion to

                    book the riding course / riding lesson on authentic. The contract comes through
                    verbal or written confirmation in which the organizer can send the student


                    Tickets booked for ten lessons the following applies:
                    Ten cards are discount cards for the purposes of
                    BGB (German Civil Code) These expire after the period of 1 year.

A refund of not abgerittenen Ten cards are excluded.

                    Upon termination, the remaining lessons will be ridden in a year. Furthermore,
                    they are personalized to non-transferable.

                     Lessons that are not canceled 24 hours in advance will have to be paid in full!

                     Single booked for riding lessons, the following applies:
                     Lessons that are not canceled 24 hours in advance must be paid in full!
                     Lessons must be paid before departure.

Payments - foreign payments

                     The course prize money will be in the order of payments received.

                     The course fee is the first day after directly
                     the introductory discussion in Great oaks cashed in cash only. For transfer of the
                     final payment must be received prior to the course to our account.
                     In course participation from abroad, the full amount must be free of commission
                     14 days before the start of the course must be received in our bank account, on the
                     other hand, the course will place awarded.

                     Withdrawal of the participant in courses
                     The student may withdraw at any time before the start of the booking. Relevant for
                     the calculation of the cancellation is the receipt of the written notice of cancellation.
                     This needs during Office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 clock - 18.00 clock) by letter, or e-mail
                     there.E - mail:
                     Phone: 0151 - 558 334 22

                     The cost is:
                     In case of withdrawal / cancellation in the period from 30 to 20 Day before the
                     course / seminar date are 50%, 20 of to 10 Day 65%, from 10 withheld until Day 4
                     80% and 100% from the 3rd day of the course / seminar fees or submitted. If a student
                     or students riding lessons in the services or parts thereof claimed, for the unused portion
                     is not entitled to a refund THINK, please contact the travel interruption insurance!

                     Until the beginning of the course, the students provide a substitute. This will require the
                     written notice to the organizer. If a third person in the contract, he shall be liable to the
                     organizer and the assignor and severally liable for the event and the price of the entry of
                     the third additional costs. When booking changes or cancellations we will charge a handling
                     fee of
25, - per person. The organizer is responsible for another person, we charge a
                     processing fee from 50, -. Can the student be registered horse can not bring to your chosen 
                     course / riding course, so there is no obligation for the organizer to ask a school master.
                     If the participants of this Participate in the event can not reason, he is entitled to rescind
                     the contract. In this case, the conditions are like at retirement.

                     Cancellation by the organizer
                     The organizer is in the following cases entitled to rescind the contract or to terminate:
                     Without notice: When the student to carry out a course / seminar despite a warning
                     persistently disturbs or if he is in breach in such a degree that the immediate cancellation
                     of the contract is justified or if the student has the course fee does not begin the course fully
                     paid. The Promoter reserves the right in such cases to the full course fee. To 3 weeks before
                     or 2 weeks before the seminar: When held the course / seminar can not, for example, because
                     the specified minimum number of participants is not reached. In these cases, the participants
                     written notice within the deadline specified above and having regard to the deposit will be
                     refunded immediately.

                     Cancellation due to force majeure:
                     Is not a course as a result of contract predictable
                     force majeure, such as epidemics, acts of arrangements (travel, transport on the animals)
                     or equivalent cases considerably more difficult, endangered or affected, either party is
                     entitled to terminate. The organizer will try in such cases to spare horses. Can he put it,
                     the student accepts this offer does not, however, shall apply our cancellation
                     conditions / costs.

                     Resignation due to business relocation or liquidation:
                     Courses or lessons are not a result of contract predictable events, such as business
                     relocation or resolution, However, continuous illness, relocation of offices complicates
                     more than 25 km in performance, subject to our

  Cancellation penalties / costs.

                     For users' own stuff is not liable!

                     In the courses and lessons consists Helmets are mandatory!
                     Rider or riders who refuse to wear a helmet, can not attend the lessons for safety reasons.
                     The course fee will not be refunded in this instance, see cancellation condition. The
                     organizer would like to point out that he, the special risk that arises when not riding,
                     takes over!

                     Jurisdiction to the extent permitted Alsfeld

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